Webinar Schedule and Registration

This webinar series is being held as part of the Autodesk Forge and Fusion 360 Hackathon. You don't have to take part in the Hackathon to attend the webinars. Sign up once for the webinar series and attend the webinars you want to watch.

All webinars will be held at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and will be 60 minutes. View the webinar recordings here.

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September 20th

Introduction to Autodesk Forge and the Autodesk App Store

A brief Introduction to the Forge platform and the Autodesk App Store and the business opportunities they enable for developers/companies.

September 22nd

Introduction to OAuth and Data Management API

OAuth is the open standard used across the Forge Platform for token-based authentication and authorization. Learn more

The Data Management API provides a unified and consistent way to access data across A360, Fusion 360, and the Object Storage Service. Learn more 

September 27nd

Introduction to Model Derivative API

The Model Derivative API enables users to represent and share their designs in different formats, as well as to extract valuable metadata. (Its translation functionality was previously bundled as part of the “View and Data API”.) Learn more

September 29th

Introduction to Viewer API

Viewer (formerly part of the “View and Data API”) is a WebGL-based, JavaScript library for 3D and 2D model rendering. 3D and 2D model data may come from a wide array of applications, such as AutoCADFusion 360Revit, and many more.  Learn more

October 4th

Introduction to Design Automation API

Design Automation API, formerly known as the “AutoCAD I/O API”, provides the ability to run scripts on your design files, leveraging the scale of the Forge Platform to automate repetitive tasks.  Learn more

October 6th

Introduction to BIM360

BIM 360 API allows developers to develop apps that integrate with the Autodesk BIM 360 platform to extend its capabilities in the construction ecosystem. Learn more

October 11th

Introduction to Fusion 360 Client API

Introduction Autodesk® Fusion 360™, which is one of the first Cloud based mechanical design tools. It is an integrated CAD, CAM, and CAE tool for product development, built for the new ways products are designed and made.  Learn more.

October 13th

Q&A – For all APIs

Open Q&A session, where you can ask questions on any of the Forge or Fusion APIs

October 20th

Q&A - For all APIs

Open Q&A session, where you can ask questions on any of the Forge or Fusion APIs

October 27th

Submitting a web service ‘app’ to Autodesk App store

A detailed presentation on submitting a Forge based web service App to Autodesk App store.