Participation in the Autodesk App Store Forge Hackathon is governed by the Autodesk App Store Hackathon Official Rules, which you can read here.

1. What is the Autodesk App Store Forge Hackathon?

The Autodesk® App Store Forge Hackathon (hereinafter referred to as “the Hackathon”) is an online event which consists of two sections: (1) a series of web training and open Q&A sessions related to the Autodesk Forge platform and Fusion 360™, and (2) an online hackathon where developers can develop new apps on the Forge platform or on Fusion 360 for submission to Autodesk App Store. The Hackathon will be running from September 1st, 2016 to October 31st 2016. During the sessions, developers will have the opportunity to receive help in real-time from the Autodesk team. For all such new apps submitted to the Autodesk App Store by midnight on October 31st, 2016 and accepted for publication in the store by November 30, 2016, each entrant of the Hackathon will receive US$ 500 for one eligible app per entrant.

2. Why is Autodesk hosting the Hackathon?

Many developers often have ideas of apps they would like to submit to the Autodesk App Store, but due to other time commitments do not take the steps to develop or finish and submit their apps. We know there’s also a lot of basic learning too. This event is designed to deliver you the support you need — as well as a financial incentive — to motivate you to learn the APIs and publish your first app on the Forge platform and on Fusion 360 in the Autodesk App Store. It will make taking action to publish apps simple and feasible.

3. Is there a fee to participate in the Hackathon?

No, there is no fee or no cost for registration and participation.

4. Is this Hackathon only for Autodesk apps developed on Forge platform or on Fusion 360?

Yes, this Hackathon is specific to apps built using Autodesk Forge platform and apps built for Autodesk Fusion 360 only. Learn about the Forge APIs here or the Fusion 360 API here.

5. What happens during the Hackathon?

This Hackathon is series of smaller events spread out over several weeks. It is designed to help you get your first app developed on the Forge platform or on Fusion 360 and published quickly and efficiently. There will be some training events to help familiarize you with the Forge platform and Fusion 360 and several open Q&A sessions where you can receive personalized help and participate in open discussions. There will be dedicated staff ready to answer your questions and to give you a helping hand developing your app(s). The event will be helpful and social – a mix of chat sessions, live Q&A sessions, and if needed, private one-on-one meetings with our specialists. You’ll meet other developers and learn from their questions too. Whether you have an app in mind or not, and even if you complete your apps after the Hackathon this is a great event to learn how to easily develop and publish your first app. You’ll get to know the Autodesk Forge team and Fusion team better too.

6. What is the incentive/reward to participate in the Hackathon?

For all new apps on the Forge platform or new apps for Autodesk Fusion 360 submitted to the Autodesk App Store by the Deadline (midnight on October 31st, 2016) and accepted for publication in the store by midnight on November 30, 2016, each entrant will receive US$ 500 for one eligible app per entrant.

7. How many apps can an entrant submit?

To receive US$500 per app there is a limit of one eligible app per entrant (Max US $500 total). An entrant may submit more than one app but the reward will be limited to one app. If you have more than one great idea for an app, find a friend (or two) to work with you so each of you can get US$500!

8. How do I get paid?

Autodesk has designated a third party payment processor. Payment will be made to your PayPal email address. A PayPal email address is required for participation in this event.

9. I already have apps published in the Autodesk App Store – do they qualify for the reward?

The reward is only available for new apps submitted and accepted for publication during the Hackathon. Existing Publishers may however submit new, unique apps as long as they meet the requirements of this Hackathon.

10. If I submit new apps before September 1st, 2016, am I eligible to receive the reward?

Only Apps submitted between September 1st, 2016 and October 31st 2016 and as part of the Hackathon are eligible to receive the reward.

11. Do I need to register for the event?

Registration is required, please click registration link on top right of the main page to register.  Registration will also help you receive important communications and get the help you may need to build your apps.

12. Am I eligible for the reward if I submit my app after October 31st, 2016?

Apps must be submitted on or before October 31st, 2016.

13. Where might the reward not be applicable?

Apps must be “unique”. Where multiple variants of the same app are submitted, we will consider the submission as only one app. Some examples of the one app rule include, but not limited to:

  • App that has both a Trial version and a Paid version
  • App in more than one language
  • Same app submitted to support multiple OS (win-64, Mac) in case of Autodesk Fusion 360 based app.
  • App that is a variation or enhancement of an App already published on the Autodesk App store.

14. What are the criteria for the apps for submission and acceptance?

Publishers must submit their apps during the Hackathon and the submitted apps must meet the following criteria:

  • App should be submitted electronically to the Autodesk Site by the Submission Deadline. For the submission process for browser based Apps, refer to this page and for desktop based Apps (Autodesk Fusion 360 Apps) refer to this page. The submitted apps will be tested by Autodesk and entrants are allowed to make further changes to their submitted apps during the Testing Period;
  • App should use one or more service or product APIs available from Autodesk Forge platform http://forge.autodesk.com/platform/ or should use Autodesk Fusion 360 API
  • App should meet the Autodesk App Store Product Guidelines
  • App should add additional value to users (Autodesk will be the final authority to judge whether an app is adding value or not to the users);
  • App should work immediately;
  • App should not require any manual steps to run; and
  • App should pass the testing during the Testing Period and be accepted for publication in the Autodesk App store by the Publication Deadline.
  • All apps should meet the full requirements posted at www.autodesk.com/developapps

15. What if my app doesn’t get published by November 30, 2016?

You will not receive the reward for your app if your app does not get published in Autodesk App Store by November 30, 2016. However, we will continue to test and process your app so that it can be published at a later date.