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The Autodesk App store is a web-based design and engineering app store created to connect Autodesk customers’ needs and interests with third party Publisher’s know-how, technology, content and tools. It has become THE online resource for millions of Autodesk customers to browse, download and purchase the apps they need.

  • Easy access to Autodesk customers: With Autodesk’s branding, and with the stores discoverable directly via 19 Autodesk products or the web, it’s an unparalleled opportunity to be seen / found and to create awareness for your apps. Customers view the Autodesk App Store as a safe marketplace—they trust Autodesk.
  • Worldwide reach: Publishers reach customers and markets they would not otherwise reach on their own. Available in 14 languages, customers worldwide can easily find the apps they need.
  • All types of customers - large and small and all industries: Customers using the Autodesk App Store range from small businesses to large corporations, from government to education.
  • Reduce your marketing costs: The Autodesk App Store has the potential to eliminate the largest hurdle/barrier most developers have growing their business—the marketing and sales cost to reach the millions of Autodesk technology users. There is no fee to publish apps—your time is your investment. Build a Publisher Profile that is like a marketing brochure.
  • Generate Revenue: The Autodesk App Store gives publishers the opportunity to experiment with different app type offerings - free, trial and paid. Make it easy for customers to purchase your app on monthly or annual subscription.

Autodesk App Store Resources: 

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